The experience was exceptional. It was tailored with very relevant and coherent subject matters. Principles were simplified, but insights were overflowing. I can say I'm well geared up with knowledge after the training. Hats off to the Facilitators and Speakers of SULTARC! 

Maria Eloisa A. Raut - Nurse

My experience with SULTARC had been exceptional and all worth it. It had given me a better understanding on how laser works in our field of practice.

Cathrina May Amboy - Nurse

I being a doctor, having difficulties in understanding Laser Physics but this course. Cleared my concepts about the things.

Dr. Sadia Munir - Dermatologist

Very good well organized and well arranged. 

Marah Shamir Castro - Nurse

It is very informative

Elizabeth Gabay - Nurse

Comprehensive and Precise 

Miliza Ebron pajantry - Nurse

This program enhances our knowledge about laser. It is very helpful to know and identify the differences of one laser from another.

Josiya Kuriakose - Nurse

Personalized training on a variety of topics by well knowledgeable instructors in the subject matters.

Vishal Sika - Dermatologist

Very informative! One of the best classes I have taken!

Kiran Roa - -

Overall, it is very informative and the speakers are very accommodating with our questions.

Maricor Precioso - -

Thank you the lectures was interesting and very clear.

Saltanat Surabaldieva - Dermatologist

Everything was great!!!

Oleksandra Kaminska - -

Excellent!!! Very informative with the details and specifications.

Raymon Guia - -

Generally I have understand laser better after the SULTARC program.

Overly Detoyato Jr. - -

It's very educational and more comprehensive than the first time.

Irish R. HismaƱa -

Everything was well explained and well organized.

Jorina Zagada -

The entire program is interesting, I gain so much information.

Dr. Sahar Imam -

Learned a lot from the Course, very informative and accurate.

Kathleen Simblante -

Thank You to the organizer, Keep up the good work

Divine Grace Palaca -

It's very informative and useful especially in my field of practicing laser.

Judith Jennifer Rajkumar -

The entire program is excellent, thanks to Dr. Taher and all the moderators and staff.

Joylynn Turano Computo -

I understand more, this lecture is much much better than the previous course I took before.

Jennifer Delos Santos -

Good, very friendly and kind staff, Thank you

Vitz Rivera - -

Great experience and I've learned alot

Mary Rose Tabil -

Thank you for giving us competent speakers and a nice venue.

Donna Grace Salmo -