Thank you Team SULTARC!
We are glad being a part of this team. We've learned a lot. Thanks to all speakers, trainers and staff. The course have a quality and high standard materials which we appreciate. 

Jesus Acon & Hanna Grace Baguidudol - Nurse

I was enlightened on the science of laser. This training program is very concise and organized. Kudos to all the lecturers and staff of SULTARC! Thank you!

Joel R. Bernales - RN

The doctors and the trainers take an extra mile to educate and make everything clear and simple. Laser physics has never been that easy. Highly recommended for physicians and laser therapists. It was such a great experience!

Dr. Shatha Taher Moh'd Rawashdeh -

The experience was exceptional. It was tailored with very relevant and coherent subject matters. Principles were simplified, but insights were overflowing. I can say I'm well geared up with knowledge after the training. Hats off to the Facilitators and Speakers of SULTARC! 

Maria Eloisa A. Raut - Nurse

My experience with SULTARC had been exceptional and all worth it. It had given me a better understanding on how laser works in our field of practice.

Cathrina May Amboy - Nurse

I being a doctor, having difficulties in understanding Laser Physics but this course. Cleared my concepts about the things.

Dr. Sadia Munir - Dermatologist

Very good well organized and well arranged. 

Marah Shamir Castro - Nurse

It is very informative

Elizabeth Gabay - Nurse

Comprehensive and Precise 

Miliza Ebron pajantry - Nurse

This program enhances our knowledge about laser. It is very helpful to know and identify the differences of one laser from another.

Josiya Kuriakose - Nurse

Personalized training on a variety of topics by well knowledgeable instructors in the subject matters.

Vishal Sika - Dermatologist

Very informative! One of the best classes I have taken!

Kiran Roa -

Overall, it is very informative and the speakers are very accommodating with our questions.

Maricor Precioso -

Thank you the lectures was interesting and very clear.

Saltanat Surabaldieva - Dermatologist

Everything was great!!!

Oleksandra Kaminska -

Excellent!!! Very informative with the details and specifications.

Raymon Guia -

Generally I have understand laser better after the SULTARC program.

Overly Detoyato Jr. -

It's very educational and more comprehensive than the first time.

Irish R. HismaƱa -

Everything was well explained and well organized.

Jorina Zagada -

The entire program is interesting, I gain so much information.

Dr. Sahar Imam -

Learned a lot from the Course, very informative and accurate.

Kathleen Simblante -

Thank You to the organizer, Keep up the good work

Divine Grace Palaca -

It's very informative and useful especially in my field of practicing laser.

Judith Jennifer Rajkumar -

The entire program is excellent, thanks to Dr. Taher and all the moderators and staff.

Joylynn Turano Computo -

I understand more, this lecture is much much better than the previous course I took before.

Jennifer Delos Santos -

Good, very friendly and kind staff, Thank you

Vitz Rivera -

Great experience and I've learned alot

Mary Rose Tabil -

Thank you for giving us competent speakers and a nice venue.

Donna Grace Salmo -